Lu177 Chloride (Lu177 n.c.a & c.a)

Leading the therapeutic field, Isotopia is growing to be a major lutetium 177 manufacturer.

In the therapeutic field, Lutetium-177 (177Lu) has been identified as the radionuclide with the highest potential in the new generation of radiotherapeutics. Isotopia is taking steps for becoming a major worldwide supplier of 177-Lutetium to be used in the field of molecular radiotherapy for end-users, research, and pharma companies.
By producing Lu-177 C.A and Lu-177 N.C.A , we can provide you both products, tailor-made according to your needs.
The cGMP manufacturing of Lu-177 that conforms to the European Pharmacopeia’s monograph, supports nuclear medicine center’s around the world in providing their patients with the most advanced therapy. It also supports pharmaceutical companies in the development of new radiopharmaceutical solutions.

Lutetium-177 (177Lu), is a beta emitter (β-) at 498keV (78.6%) and 177 keV (12.2%) decaying into stable Hafnium-177. It has a half-life of 6.73d. 177Lu shows a major advantage in also emitting gamma rays at 208 keV (11.0%) and 113 keV (6.3%) which allows also imaging for this therapeutic radionuclide. 100 mCi of 177Lu corresponds to approximately 1 µg of lutetium. The mean path length is 0.7 mm. Maximum specific activity of 177Lu is 109 Ci/mg.

177Lu is a reactor-produced radionuclide that can be obtained via two different routes, one based on irradiation of natural Lutetium-176 [natLu or 176Lu(n,γ)177Lu], the direct route, the other on Ytterbium-176 [176Yb(n,γ)177Yb→177Lu], the indirect route (half-life of the intermediate 177Yb: 1.9h). The two different routes correspond to two different qualities of lutetium. The indirect route provides high specific activity 177Lu (also called nca – non carrier added) which will allow the manufacturing of higher quality and even carrier-free radiolabeled drugs. The direct route does not allow separation of 177Lu from 176Lu and the use of this radionuclide can have some limitations (e.g., antibody labeling).

The use of carrier-added (c. a.) 177Lu is excellent for therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals. The production route takes advantage of highly enriched Lu-176.

Through our reliable, long-term partnerships with nuclear reactors we can guarantee security of supply and weekly availability.
By combining our 12 year experience as a nuclear pharmacy, worldwide distribution capabilities and our large and flexible production capacity, we can assure worldwide delivery of these therapeutic radionuclides on time, and in the quantities you require soon after production.

177Lu chloride is a radiopharmaceutical precursor, and it is not intended for direct use in patients. It is to be used only for the radiolabelling of carrier molecules that have been specifically developed and authorized for radiolabelling with Lutetium (177Lu) chloride.

Licenses and permits
Supply can be established only with a valid import and handling of radio- active materials licenses. Kindly make sure you send a copy prior to first shipment to our customer service mail.

Ordering deadlines
Orders should be placed every Tuesday until 12:00 CET for supply 13 days after.

Cancellation\ update of orders
Order cancelation and update can be done 10 days before delivery.
After that, the products will be billed at 100%:

Generally, the activity is to be delivered shortly prior to the date of calibration.
Payment terms:
Unless agreed otherwise, payment shall be made without deduction within 30 days of the date of the invoice

Source materials

Long term commitments for the supply of Lu176

In stock Yb176 for the development of a carrier free Lu177


Established irradiation in leading reactors.

Weekly supply of irradiated material guaranteed.


Global distribution chain established.

Arrival at destination airports at EOP+24h-36 max.

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