Dr. Eli Shalom

CEO & Co- Founder 

An experienced radiopharmacist. Prior to founding Isotopia he was involved for eight years in the research and development and production of SPECT and PET isotopes in the National Nuclear Research Center at Nahal Soreq. With a Ph.D degree from the Hebrew University (Jerusalem) in the Synthesis of Novel Amine [18F] Fluorocyanoboranes & Amine [18F] Fluorocarboxyborane Esters, Dr. Shalom is regarded as one of the leading professionals in this sector in Israel. He is well known as a knowledgeable researcher with practical applications in product development of radio-isotopes including SPECT & PET tracers. Dr. Shalom has a registered patent in this field as well as many publications in the professional literature.

Keren Moshkoviz

Director of Business Development

Joined isotopia from the Foundation in 2007 as the company’s customer service and support. keren has taken on very quickly the sales and marketing division and managed the department for the last six years, during which she launched the unique diagnostic product Ga-68 PSMA and approve it for reimbursement by MOH. 
Currently manages the business development department and a student at Tel Aviv University studying Health System Director. The first product launched under the Business Development Lu177-PSMA as a unique and innovative therapy for the treatment of prostate cancer.
Keren’s focus is to identify trends and opportunities in nuclear medicine, to bring new technologies and promote collaboration with global manufacturers.

Eyal Gimshi, M.Sc

Head of theray unit

Eyal Gimshi joined Isotopia from the company onset, initially as an accelerator operator on a part-time basis, while studying towards his bachelor degree in Nuclear Engineering. Subsequently Eyal became a full-timer and completed his master’s degree in Nuclear Engineering from Ben Gurion University, his thesis on a research project using the cyclotron in Isotopia. In his role as Chief Operating Officer Eyal has successfully steered the corporate operation to a highly efficient and advanced radiopharmaceutical producer.
Eyal holds a MBA in technology management, is happily married and a father of 2 beautiful daughters.

Avner Jarach

Head of Quality
Avner is a pharmacist and a registered QP (Qualified Person). Avner first joined Isotopia in March 2018 as the quality assurance manager and acting manager at Isotopia’s new Soreq aseptic manufacturing site. In September 2019 Avner was appointed as the quality manager of Isotopia, leading the quality over the whole company. Avner has a unique knowledge and a vast and long experience in all areas of pharmaceutical and medical devices industry. A close acquaintance and work experience in quality assurance from development through scale-up and manufacturing of small molecules sterile products, radioactive and biological products.

Baruch Hoch


Industrial pharmacist with 35 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, radio pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
Major fields of experience:
Pharmaceutical technologies.
Development and scale up of production processes.
Automatization of production processes for radio-tracers and radionuclides.
Trouble shooting of production processes.
Conceptual design of pharmaceutical production facilities.
Conceptual design of process equipment.
Establishment of QA systems in accordance with ICH-Q7 Good Manufacturing Practice Guide for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API).
Preparation of Drug Master file for API’s.

Boaz Bahat

Petach Tikva site manager

An experienced engineering and facility executive with more than 23 years of experience in various industries and large scale companies, including Semiconductor operation and maintenance (Intel, Micron), Pharmaceuticals (Teva) and food and product manufacturers (Tnuva). Boaz held diverse positions from mechanical engineering , Engineering management to  Head of Project Management  Unit. He has a proven track record in engineering, high volume manufacturing, organization change management, EHS and Project Management. Boaz Joined Isotopia to lead the Petah-Tikva site.

Boaz holds a B.SC in Mechanical Engineering from Ben-Gurion university and an MBA from Tel-Aviv University

Tzahi Levi

Head of Sterile plant

With over 10 years practice managing complex operation units in global competitive environment, Tzachi joined Isotopia to lead the aseptic site. Tzachi holds a Bsc. in Industrial Engineering with MBA, and PMP Certified, and has proven track record in establishment of lean operational structures, processes and systems. He is Strong Change leader in key areas of Logistics, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Finance, Engineering, Quality Assurance and Compliance. Tzachi is happily married and father of 3 energetic sons.

Matan Zurgil


As the Company’s Chief Financial Officer Matan heads the Accounting & Finance related endeavors.
Matan brings rich experience that includes all aspects of accounting, budgeting, fundraising, capital allocation, M&A transactions, reporting, business planning and strategy and cash flow management.

Prior to joining Isotopia, Matan served first as the financial controller and later as the CFO of Hutchison Kinrot Incubator and its portfolio companies.
He previously worked as an Assistant Financial Controller at TowerJazz Semiconductor, a publicly listed manufacturer (NASDAQ & TASE) of analog integrated circuits.
Also in the assurance services department of Ernst & Young, was FP&A analyst at Lumenis (a medical equipment company), and served as a consultant and economist at a consulting company which provides a full range of business development expertise.

Matan holds a B.A in Economics and Business Administration from Haifa University and graduated from the Accounting Studies program at Bar Ilan University. He is a certified CPA.

Dr. Haim Golan

Medical Advisor

Dr. Golan was the Director of Nuclear Medicine at Assaf Harofeh Medical Center, Israel. Currently he is the chief medical officer at “Isotopia molecular imaging”. He is one of Israel’s leading Nuclear Medicine physicians, having presented at numerous seminars, written scores of abstracts and publications.
Dr. Golan received his MD from Ben-Gurion University. He trained in Nuclear Medicine at Soroka Medical Center and has been practicing Nuclear Medicine since 1989.
Especially noteworthy is Dr. Golan’s strong scientific background. In addition to his MD Dr. Golan holds B.Sc and M.Sc degrees in Radiobiology from the Biology Department at Ben Gurion University.
Dr. Golan has done extensive research in the fields of nuclear brain imaging both in Israel and abroad as a Clinical Fellow in the department of medical Imaging, University of Toronto, Canada, in the division of Nuclear Medicine, Mount Sinai Hospital and in the division of Nuclear Medicine, Sick Children Hospital.
Dr. Golan harbors a special interest in brain SPECT and PET imaging, he utilizes his expertise in this area, as one of only a handful such experts throughout Israel who perform the cutting edge scans on a variety of patients including patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease.