Isotopia completes the acquisition of the pharmaceutical aseptic plant located in soreq

Isotopia Molecular Imaging is about to complete the acquisition of the pharmaceutical aseptic plant located in soreq. The agreement  was signed in middle of 2018, and during that time Isotopia made major activities to ensure smooth transition and steady supply. “It’s exciting times in Isoptopia” says Mr Tzachi Levy head of isotopia new site “it’s a big challenge for us but I have the confident since we have the best people on board” .

Under Isotopia, the site will manufacture and supply a variety of pharmaceutical products to local and international markets in the nuclear medicine field. Isotopia also cooperates with Israeli and international companies, as CMO to support all stages of product development starting with procurement services to packaging and shipment – according to customer needs. As a CMO, we can provide you a range of services design to specific needs: from locating certified suppliers up to delivery of the final product. Our facility has a variety of professional units in-house, such as: Product Development, Operation, quality, laboratories, supply chain and engineering.