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about us - Isotopia's company profile

Isotopia is a Radio Pharmaceutical Company established in 2006.

since then has become an essential supplier for the growing field of nuclear medicine in Israel.

Our foundation story:

Isotopia was founded by a highly trained group of senior professionals, experienced in all aspects
of radio-pharmaceutical operations, in collaboration with a group of Canadian investors.

Isotopia’s experienced and highly skilled team, together with its Radio-Pharmaceutical Company
and cyclotron facility, provide a sound platform for successful commercial activities, research and
development initiatives.

Isotopia operates a PETtrace Cyclotron (GE Healthcare), supplying both PET and SPECT tracers,
manufactured under strict Quality Control Procedures.

Apart from FDG, there are newly available 18F-labeled products, including 18-F-DOPA, 18-F-PSMA
and 18-F-Choline. Being aware of new advancements in nuclear therapy, Isotopia is also providing
177-Lu treatments for prostate cancer and neuroendocrine tumors.

Our Vision:

The vision of Isotopia is to become a significant part of the future in the field of Nuclear Medicine
that meets the patient needs worldwide.

Isotopia is supporting the progress in the field of molecular imaging and radiotherapy with
innovation and real time awareness to emerging techniques that improve diagnosis and optimal
therapy in various health landscape.

Since 2014, Isotopia supply 68- Ga- PSMA to the local market, being the first company responding
to this emerging technique in prostate cancer management. In our pipeline, soon will be available
for marketing a cold kit for 68-Ga-PSMA-11 synthesis.

As of now, Isotopia is taking steps for becoming a major worldwide supplier of 177- Lutetium to be
used in the field of molecular radiotherapy.

As part of Isotopia’s vision, we are looking for collaboration with companies and academic institutes
to develop new markers, radiopharmaceuticals production and international sales.