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Radio pharmaceuticals

Daily supply of unit doses radio pharmaceuticals for the local market
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Radio Pharmacy

Lu-177 Chloride

N.C.A. or C.A.

Supplied on weekly basis globaly

Get Lu 177 according to your needs to any where you need
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Lu-177 Chloride

PSMA-11 one vial kit (NCA)


Labeling has never been easier with the only one vial, 5 minutes preparation kit.
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PSMA-11 one vial kit

Sterile Pharmaceutical Plant

Customized services to product life cycle

Your CMO to support all stages of product development
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Aseptic Plant

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Life and health are in the small details – our radiopharmacy

” It’s about timing, but not just timing. You might manage to wing it, but it is easy to fail. “

The small details might be small, but they are challenging. They test our patience, our concentration, and our ability to handle stress.

There are countless little details, discover one only to realize it’s the tip of the iceberg.

It’s about dosage, but not just dosage

Diagnostic likelihood, the compound, the isotope, the route it takes, the healing it brings, matching the treatment to the patient.

Countless little details make the whole, make health whole, make life whole.

At Isotopia , we believe the difference between the strong and the weak is in the ability to keep the little details in sight. Don’t break. Don’t cut corners, Don’t sacrifice the details to try to capture the big picture,  Because it won’t be whole, it will be incomplete. That is simply how we are at Isotopia Israel.

We see the little flaws and we correct them, always leaning on the little details to aim for perfection.

Isotopia grasp the details and the destination together – The whole picture.

That is our passion, and that is how we believe health and life should be managed.

Company’s profile

Isotopia Molecular Imaging Ltd is a collaboration between The Metrontario Group and some of Israel’s leading scientists in the field of radiopharmaceuticals.

Actively involved in Isotopia are highly experienced and renowned experts in the area of Nuclear pharmacy and Molecular Imaging. The team includes Radiopharmacists, Nuclear Engineers, Chemists, Technicians and logistics experts.

In our state of the art facility we produce short lived PET and SPECT radiopharmaceuticas.

We implement the highest level of isotope production methods, radiochemical synthesis, purification, and quality control.

Isotopia uses it’s own logistics teams, certified by the competent authorities for preparing the doses in the safest and most practical method for delivery to your facility.

Our radiopharmaceutical production quality assurance system ensures that we deliver a quality dose, in compliance with the requirements of the health authorities, coupled with safety measures and on-time delivery.

Isotopia Ltd is interested in collaboration with the medical & scientific community to further develop and trial new markers in molecular imaging.